Convoluted & Smooth Bore Teflon (PTFE) Hose

Convoluted & Smooth Bore Teflon (PTFE) Hose

Seaway Fluid Power provides convoluted Teflon Hose and smooth bore Teflon hose to support a wide variety of applications. Convoluted and smooth bore hose is in wide use in both high temperature and chemical resistant environments. As PTFE is both 3A and FDA compliant the food and pharmaceutical industry are frequent users of convoluted PTFE hose and smooth bore PTFE hose. Other industries where PTFE Convoluted Hoses are used in semiconductor, automotive, chemical, food and beverage processing and petrochemical industries. The combination of steel braiding with convoluted tubing provides the strength required for high-pressure applications.

Convoluted and smooth bore Teflon hoses provide some unique benefits, including:

Abrasion Resistant

Providing protection from wear due to friction.

Chemically Inert

Convoluted tubing is chemically resistant to all commonly utilized solvents and hydrocarbons.


Convoluted Teflon tubing offers flexibility not available from smooth bore Teflon tubing.

High Dielectricity

By blocking electrical currents, protection is provided to monitoring instruments helping to ensure their accuracy.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Reduces noise and provides reduced wear, resulting in extended operating life.

Low Moisture Retention

Provides resistance to mold or mildew.

Temperature Resistance

Convoluted tubing is capable of operating in temperature ranges up to 260°C/500°F.


UV resistance extends the useful life of the product.

  • Hot or cold media
  • Food sector
  • Chemical sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Properties
  • Corrugated PTFE lining
  • Stainless steel braid
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Vibration resistant
  • Resistant to solvents, acids, gases, fuels
  • Technical information
  • Approvals: FDA, DVGW, and BGA
  • Specified operating pressures based on a temperature of 20°C.
  • A hose cutting machine is required to cut the hose
  • Temperature
    Inner Hose
    Cover Hose
  • 70C to 260°C °C
  • Convoluted hose in PTFE, resistant to fire, chemically inert.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 braid.
  • Number of plies One pcs


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