About Us

At Seaway Fluid Power we know that downtime costs you money. Getting you back up and running as quickly as possible is the focus of everything we do.If you need a part, we carry an extensive parts inventory. This means we can get you back up and running without having to wait for parts to arrive. It also means we have a wide enough variety of parts that we can put together a complete end-to-end solution to address your needs in one spot – quickly.

If you need more than just parts, then we have the experience and knowledge in-house to create innovative solutions to your most demanding repair and new fabrication challenges.

OEM Customers

To all of our customers we provide competitive pricing supported by the high competence level of our employees. We know, however, that some customers have specific needs. For our OEM customers we offer a proven track record of product and service quality aimed at getting you what you need to meet your production deadlines.

For mobile service providers you can get you what you need in one place to save you time. Our highly competitive pricing will allow you to be competitive yourself in your own resale pricing.

For our end users we know that downtime costs you money. We do all we can to reduce your downtime by carrying the parts you need and having the expertise to solve your problems and get you going again.

We have been dealing with the farming community for a long time. We can help you to determine what you need and provide you with the knowledge to get your repairs completed in a timely manner.

Finally, for the shipping industry we recognize the unique nature of your needs, such as stainless steel fittings. Simply having parts available is not enough to get you the service you need. Our experienced personnel can help to define your needs. You can also count on our delivery capability to meet your loading windows.

Our Products

Our specialized product knowledge covers a wide range of product areas including hydraulics, hose & fittings, stainless steel fittings, compressed air, pneumatics, instrumentation and industrial supplies.

Our Services

There is no point in having great products if you do not have the service to back them up. We offer consulting, logistics, installation and repair services second to none. By providing these services you can have confidence that your Seaway Fluid Power solution will do exactly what you want it to do – no regrets.

Our Employees

Our employees possess specialized skill sets coupled with a wealth of experience to meet the toughest tasks. Our experience and knowledge allow us to be innovative in developing solutions to your tough problems. Faster, better and reliable are hallmarks of our staff at SFP.

Our Commitment

We strive every day to be the best fluid power company we can be to better support our customers. To find out more about SFP fill out our quick and easy contact form now.

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