Why Stainless Steel Compression Fittings are Important

Stainless Steel Compression Fittings are widely used in different kinds of industrial settings. They provide benefits regarding the maintenance of process integrity and extending the service life of the application. Among the many material options for compression fittings, stainless steel is preferred by most manufacturers and users as it offers durability and a reduced cost of ownership. There is a wide range of stainless steel fittings options available, which provide the following benefits:

  • Flexible application: Stainless steel compression fittings have proven a popular choice from filtration to processing companies. It is easily adapted to use in both low and high-pressure applications. Stainless steel simplifies installation as it can be easily cut, formed, welded, fabricated and machined.
  • Corrosion resistance: The material used in Stainless steel compression fittings is high-quality that provides resistance to corrosion. This corrosion resistance makes it a logical choice for environments containing alkaline solutions, acids or chloride.
  • High-performance across a range of pressures: Compression fittings made from stainless steel perform well across a wide range of pressure applications. This makes stainless fittings suitable for use in both low to medium pressure hydraulic systems as well as in high-pressure pneumatic systems.
  • Temperature resistance: Stainless steel fittings retain their structural integrity across a wide temperature range. This also makes them well suited to dealing with sudden changes in temperature.
  • No leakage: One of the biggest advantages of using stainless steel compression fittings is that there is minimal risk of leakage.

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