Pneumatics have been a staple of Seaway Fluid Powers business for a long time. This experience allows us to create customized solutions for your pneumatic needs. Combining our expertise with our highly competitive pricing, results in solutions for our customers that save both time and money for them. SFP has the inventory to ensure that you can get whatever pneumatic component you need, when you need it. We can help to keep you running, reducing downtime and the cost associated with it.

Pneumatic Systems use gas or pressurized air to create power. This is in contrast to hydraulics which allows you to make use of liquids to generate power. Typically compressed air is used in pneumatic applications, however, various inert gasses are also used. Pneumatic systems tend to operate at pressures of 100 psi or less.

SFPG Pneumatic Systems Benefits

Design SimplicityDue to the fact that the compressed air used within the system can be exhausted into the atmosphere, pneumatic systems allow for simpler designs than hydraulic systems which must manage the fluid used.
Environmentally FriendlyThese systems run on air there is no concern with leaks or fire.
HygienicLittle cleaning is usually required as the constant flow of air tends to push out any particles that get into the system.
Low-cost fuelAir is cheap.
Low heat generationIn comparison with electric motors pneumatic motors run at much lower temperatures. High temperatures limit the capabilities of electric motors.
MaintenanceGenerally less maintenance is required as compared to hydraulic systems.
Operate at lower pressuresAllows for the use of lighter weight, lower cost materials which reduces cost.
Reverse directionPneumatic actuators can reverse direction instantaneously. This makes these systems more responsive that electro-mechanical options.
ScalePneumatic motors are generally smaller and lighter than electric motors of similar power. This is true even before considering potential enclosures that may have to be used with electric motors. Also, the smaller size of these motors saves space.
Negative pressureSystems can use vacuum capability to allow for material handling. This ability is generally superior to that of mechanical gripping options.

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