High-Pressure Hydraulic Valves and Their Practical Application

What are high-pressure hydraulic valves?

Heavy machinery and equipment used in chemical and petroleum production utilize and depend on high-pressure hydraulic valves to perform heavy movement and lifting tasks. They are also used to provide assistance in the lubrication of fixed industrial gears and other moving parts. Heavy equipment like excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers need high-pressure hydraulic hose fittings. These fittings help heavy equipment with movement, braking, and steering. Without the use of hydraulic hose fittings, the efficient operation of the equipment would degrade. Hydraulic technology has afforded engineers a flexible and reliable means of performing tasks where high payloads and precise movement of materials are required in labor intensive situations, like loading docks.

Hydraulic motor- The core of the hydraulic system

The focal point of a hydraulic system is the hydraulic motor that makes use of high-pressure reservoirs, and fluid amplifiers to store and distribute power. Movement is achieved using pistons and rams, or lifting arms, which are different versions of high-pressure hydraulic valves. Maintaining constant pressure flow and direction is achieved by using direction control valves to prevent pressure loss and backflow.

The pressure within the hydraulic circuit is maintained using zero leak hose, connectors, and seals; that can maintain pressures over 3000 psi.To protect the system from damage, a pressure fuse or circuit is installed within the system that can divert excessive pressure, reduce fluctuation, and trigger alarms in the event of serious conditions.

Seaway Fluid Power – Your recognized supplier of quality hydraulic hoses

Seaway Power Fluid is an acknowledged provider of fluid power hydraulic hose in Canada. They maintain a hydraulic hose inventory for not only the common NPT or JIC fittings but also most other connections in the industry. Their team is well versed in less common connections like JIS, SPT, BSPP, Code 62 or 61 Flange, Metric, or newer push to connect fittings used in today’s equipment or machinery.

Their hose selection is extensive; they have abrasion resistant and high flexibility high-pressure hydraulic hose fittings. Seaway Fluid Power supplies Australia’s RYCO Hydraulics, a recognized leader in the manufacture of isobaric hoses up to 2” and 6000 psi. They are also a trusted supplier of hydraulics, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel instrumentation fittings, pneumatics, stainless steel crimp ferrules, industrial hose, and industrial supplies.

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