Common Reasons Why Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Break Down

Hydraulic hoseassemblies are an integral part of a hydraulic system, but they are frequently not paid much attention to until they break down. Hoses have a limited lifespan, and their quality deteriorates if not properly maintained. Hydraulic repair costscan cost more than replacing the entire hose system. Problems like damage from contamination, ancillary damage to adjacent components and the replacement of hydraulic fluidall adds to the potential repair expenses.


The main reasons why hydraulic hose assemblies break down:

  • Focusing on physical damage: It is statistically proven that 80% of hose failures are the result of external damage. Most of the time pulling, crushing, kinking, abrasion, etc. leads to hose failure. The brushing of hoses against each other’s surfaces is the most common cause of damage.
  • Multiple Bends: If a hydraulic hose bends from more than one place then it twists the wire reinforcement. The bendsdo not have to be large as a bend as small as five degrees can lessen the hose service life by up to 70%, whereas a seven-degree twist can end up reducing the hose service life by 90%.
  • Maintaining the hose: The operating condition of the hose determines its service life. The hose rubber tube and its cover are sensitive to extreme temperatures either hot or cold. Extreme pressure fluctuation can also cause harm.

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